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wery well, guys


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In this story words ‘’trial " and "torture" seem to have the same root.
The test granted by destiny to 16-years Simeon Pribytkov is really similar to a refined torture. His own body became his prison. Eyes are the only alive part of his body. The rest of it is completely motionless. Just a few months ago he ran, jumped, danced, and enjoined life in all its beauty, like the majority of teenagers in his native city of Murom. He looked at the sky, the sun and could not imagine that one day he will be can missing all this. He pulled about his cat Anton’s ear having no idea what a happiness it is to be able to touch a dear creature. He was dating with a girl and could not even surmise how deadly could be an anguish for a loved person. He defeated monsters in computer games but now he is forced to win over his illness and himself.

They Thought, he will not survive......
He made a start, jump upwards, somersault in air and... fell his head downwards. For an instant Simeon has felt a sharp pain in the neck, in a second he lost consciousness... Doctors diagnosed: " fracture of 4-th cervical vertebra ". Damage of a spinal cord caused paralysis of the whole body - torments of physical helplessness for him and spiritual sufferings for his mother. Her name is Galina. As to Semyon’s father -everything seems to be simpler. Two years ago he gone to other woman. Since then their communication has almost stopped. Simeon wanted to learn acrobatic tricks to improve the dancing program of a break dance collective and make it more complicated. That is why he began to attend the Murom circus studio. There he jumped, studied to carry out rollovers, somersault... They urgently operated Simeon, and replaced broken vertebra with an artificial one. Doctors were afraid that the boy will not survive –the injury was too serious, but he did survive.
Then the boy was transported to the regional hospital of Vladimir, and placed into neurosurgery department. In two months Sema has grown so thin, that his hands and a legs looked like thin twigs, the neck became longer, like sparrow’s one, and his clavicles stick out . His eyes became huge. Now they are almost everything for him. He moves them, instantly reacting on every event around him – this is his communication. No, Sema can say words. But they are hardly recognizable because of the husky voice caused by special pipe, inserted in his throat for breathing. Because of immobility of a body there is an inflammation and stagnation of a liquid in his lungs. Every day Galina pumps out it through a tube with a special device.

Five footsteps from one wall to another – this is a ward where Syoma was placed. At nights Galina curls up and huddles beside him on a tiny sofa. Simeon almost does not sleep. At times it is because of a pain. But the main cause of his sleeplessness are fear and melancholy. He admits, that sometimes he cries because of his powerlessness. He is afraid , that he will never be able to walk again. He says : " I should learn at least to sit, to be able to use a wheelchair". Still – he misses home and his girl Ksiusha. Their love has begun a couple of months before the tragedy. She does not come to the hospital, but sometimes writes letters and, it seems, promises to stay with him. Simeon trusts her. But he understands well that if will not recover, there will be not only Ksiusha, but there will be nothing in his life. Anything, except for a pain, and eternal imprisonment among four walls and fear, that if something happens to his mum he will stay completely alone.

Galina, certainly, also does not sleep, like her son. Moreover every hour or two Semyon has to be rubbed with a special solution to prevent bedsores. Including feeding, caring, talking…

Simeon is very communicative “, - says Galina. I stand up near his bed and I speak and speak... He mostly listens, but sometimes speaks hoarsely in the answer.

- Sema, will your life change when you will be able to stand up on your legs?
- I will be helping my mum…We did not get on well with each other before, but now we are the closest people in the world.
What do you want now?
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He smiled saying goodbye
Galina is in a very difficult situation. For the present she is on a vacation from her factory. But it is more than probable that she will have to give up her job. And even if she was working, her little wage would not be enough. Semyon’s elder sister and other nearest people often visit him in the hospital. They gather every little help, but there is still not enough money. Moreover the third part of Semyon’s story is about to begin.

By the time this article will be published, Semyon with his mother will be in Nizhni Novgorod at the Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics. As doctors say the boy had a great luck. His spinal cord remained whole, though it is damaged. There is a hope, that Simeon will recover. In the Institute he should pass a long complex of rehabilitation treatment which will cost at least 450 thousand roubles. The only way how ‘’AandF’’ readers could assist, is to help Semyon’s mother to collect money. If collected sum will be insufficient, the boy might remain a disabled parson for the rest of his life.

Farewell turned out shrill.
It was difficult to choose the right words, but these words were necessary – Semyon needed it. They made him smiling. But when standing in the doorway, I looked back, there were tears in his eyes…

Let’s help Semyon !
Translation: Skibinsckaya Angelika

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