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I've been here before... no joke. It's gorgeous. I think I stopped to take a pee in the woods.1

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We got there in time to see the Henry Clay People, who despite their loudness (god I sound old), put on a great show in the same vain as Radars to the Sky. These guys have gotten great reviews from other LA music blogs and they are definitely a band to keep your eyes on.

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We got there in time to see the Henry Clay People, who despite their loudness (god I sound old), put on a great show in the same vain as Radars to the Sky. These guys have gotten great reviews from other LA music blogs and they are definitely a band to keep your eyes on.

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We got there in time to see the Henry Clay People, who despite their loudness (god I sound old), put on a great show in the same vain as Radars to the Sky. These guys have gotten great reviews from other LA music blogs and they are definitely a band to keep your eyes on.

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